Monodzukuri System - TPS Monodzukuri Essay

 "Monodzukuri" is a Japanese word having the nuance of "Manufacturing with Japanese sririt".
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  The word of TPS ----shortened the Toyota Production System
  Practice make good use of people in TPS ---- Kaizen must be done by his or her own practice
  Inventory is just only the rsult of our activities ----Once inventory reduction a lifetime
  Is Toyota Production System equal to KANBAN Production system?

  Final Meeting of 20TH Production Institute held by JMA
  The roads in India
  Toyota Production System, TPS, Cnsultant
  Kaizen consultant in the Indian manufacturing industry
  Consulting in India (below)
  Production Institute held by JMA
  Standardized Work is crucial (below)
  As a person engaged in manufacturing engineering
  The visit to Toyota Hall, Motomachi Plant, and Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall
  Apology for misprints of "Cell production"; Common sense

Standardized Work is crucial

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  Mr. Taiichi Ono described in his book, "Toyota Production System", that "Standardized work "is crucial as a means of "the Visual Control". And LIKER wrote in "THE Toyota Way Fieldbook" as "Standardized Work" is so important to the overall production system that one third of Toyota's internal TPS Handbook is devoted to it.
  We'll educate "Standardized work" at first, whenever sharing the thinking way of Toyota production system or practicing the Kaizen activities. This photograph is a lecture scenery educating the Standardized work. There are few effects in Kaizen activities, unless there are skills of Standardized Work. In the case of this company after educating the making method of Standardized Work, we immediately achieved almost a half reduction of man-hour, being changed from the job shop line to the Cell production line.

Consulting in India

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 On the consulting overseas, I write down on a board in English and talk in Japanese, like this photograph. The reason is because this is the most effective. When we explain "Terminology in Toyota Production System" and "Japanese production term", we try to have the audience understand it as much as possible. The demand from the top of this company was to enhance the ability of the member  who worked in near to the production site. Thus, we taught the staffs including the administrator of the production site, but just a  few people understood English. In the introduction education lecture, the interpreter performed in Japanese - English at first, but changed it to Japanese - Hindi. The interpreter in the beginning was puzzled the experience in interpretation of Japanese - Hindi , but it was a good result.



Toyota Production System(TPS/LEAN)
Consulthing Firm

■オンリーワンのモノづくり Only-one manufacturing
■モノづくりはひとづくり Making good use of personnel
■合理的な考え方のできる人材育成 Rational way 

■ひとにやさしい職場づくり Considerate to workers
■継続的改善のできる風土づくり Continuous Improvement