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 On Consulting

We perform a review of the workshop system, from the procurement to the shipment through the production department, so as to be the innovative workplace, and aim to gain the profit as a strong manufacturer. Various problems are found in the production workplace. We propose the most effective made-to-order solution for those issues. 

Problems in your company Query Factory Diagnosis Advice on the course

 We have much experiences on overseas company. We also appreciate if you request an actual factory survey. Please ask and negotiate with us before the consulting.

Consulting items

  • Problems in your company
Concrete Themes Index
  • How to make good use of personnel?
  • How to cooperate between Design and Production?
  • Too much Inventory
  • Frequnt delivery delay to a Customer
  • How to shorten the Lead time?
  • Is the productivity improvement difficult?
  • How to achieve the cost reduction?
  • How to reduce the quality defects?
  • What's the Goods and information flow chart?
  • What's MUDA(Waste)?
  • What's the Visualization?
  • Why 5Ss are necessary?
  • How to establish the culture to continue KAIZEN?
  • What's the production control information?
  • How to instruct to the production Lines?
  • Role and cooperatio of the staff?
  • Efficiency of the indirect section
  • 5S
  • Cost Reduction
  • Eliminating the waste, Improvement of work, Kanban
  • Inventory Reduction 
  • Zero-defects in the workplace
  • Establishing the good quality condition
  • Logistics system
  • Synchronized Production from Receiving to Shipping
  • To strengthen the ability of finding out, solving and managing the problems
  • System of staff


Thinking way

■Introduction and Construction of Toyota Production System

■Introduction and Construction of Cell Production System

  • Productivity 
  • Lead-time 
  • Delivery-time
  • On-time Delivery Rate
  • Rate of Operation
  • Yield Ratio
  • Inventory
  • General Expenses
  • Space

The concrete company's activities are not shown, because of the  obligation to keep the  secrecy.

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Toyota Production System(TPS/LEAN)
Consulthing Firm

■オンリーワンのモノづくり Only-one manufacturing
■モノづくりはひとづくり Making good use of personnel
■合理的な考え方のできる人材育成 Rational way 

■ひとにやさしい職場づくり Considerate to workers
■継続的改善のできる風土づくり Continuous Improvement