Monodzukuri System - Toyota Production System

 "Monodzukuri" is a Japanese word having the nuance of "Manufacturing with Japanese sririt". Some tips are shown in Japanese articles for understanding the monodzukuri.
 We are sorry not to interpret Japanese articles into English. If you have any interest in these articles, please contact us.

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  2-1.  A word of JITPS against Toyota Production System

  2-2.  For understanding Toyota Production System

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  2-3.  Two Pillars of Just-in-Time and JIDOKA

  2-4.  Visualization ----"Visual Control"?

  2-5.  Withdrawal from proceeding Process, or Fill-up System?

  2-6.  Another JIDOKA ----JIDOKA(Autonomation) of manual production lines

The Toyota Production System Journey


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Toyota Production System(TPS/LEAN)
Consulthing Firm

■オンリーワンのモノづくり Only-one manufacturing
■モノづくりはひとづくり Making good use of personnel
■合理的な考え方のできる人材育成 Rational way 

■ひとにやさしい職場づくり Considerate to workers
■継続的改善のできる風土づくり Continuous Improvement