Monodzukuri System - Cell Production

 "Monodzukuri" is a Japanese word having the nuance of "Manufacturing with Japanese sririt". Some tips are shown in Japanese articles for understanding the monodzukuri.
 We are sorry not to interpret all Japanese articles into English. If you have any interest in these articles, please contact us.

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 1-1.  Cell Production

  1-2.  Word and Definition of Cell Production

  1-3.  Fundamental elements of Cell Production Line

  1-4.  Construction of Cell Production System

  1-5.  Activities in Cell Production Work shop

  1-6.  Case studies of Cell Production Work shop

Book"Cell Production"

 Japanese editorial book, "Noboru Takeuchi;  Cell Production, JMAM, 2006" is publishing, and the English and Chinese edition is to be continued. 

Chap.1 Circumstances surrounding Cell Production
Chap.2 Basic concept of Cell Production
Chap.3 Constructing Cell Production Line
Chap.4 Constructing Cell Production System
Chap.5 Management, maintenance and improvement of Cell Production
Chap.6 Case study in Cell Production

 Publisher : Japan Management Asociation Management


”Cell Production" Chinese edition

Chinese edition 2014 "Cell Production"

豊田細胞式生産 武内登著 北京: 東方出版社

ISBN 978-7-5060-7537-4  



Toyota Production System(TPS/LEAN)
Consulthing Firm

■オンリーワンのモノづくり Only-one manufacturing
■モノづくりはひとづくり Making good use of personnel
■合理的な考え方のできる人材育成 Rational way 

■ひとにやさしい職場づくり Considerate to workers
■継続的改善のできる風土づくり Continuous Improvement